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Free 2 Hour Workshop


MOJO = the experience of passion, joy, sexy-ness, power, flow, pleasure and purpose

Learn strategies and get coaching support on how to regain self-confidence, learn about the latest research in Happiness, and use your strengths to recharge your life as a mama with MOJO!

When:  Saturday, August 2nd

Time:   1:00pm- 3:00pm

Where: Hot Box Yoga Studio, 22433 Foothill Blvd, Hayward CA

WORKSHOP LEADER: Mina Skoutelakis, L.M.F.T, M.S. – Wellness Coach and Licensed Therapist

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Ayurveda 101















Would you rather invest in disease prevention or treatment?  Ayurveda’s core philosophy is that you gain a fundamental understanding of the preventative basic Laws of Nature so that you can minimize your need for a cure and live “dis-ease-free”

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old East Indian form of natural holistic medicine.  Ayurveda is only one of yoga’s many “Sister Sciences” and its etymology is:  Ayur = Life & Veda = Knowledge.  Thus, gain further insightful knowledge regarding your life and health by familiarizing yourself with the following content:

  •   Learn the Fundamentals of Ayurveda:  The 5 Elements and the 3 Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
  •   Find out “What is your Dosha?” by participating in an Interactive Questionnaire so that you may choose better foods for yourself and your family.
  •   Discover the 6 Tastes that make food Medicine or Poison for your individual constitution?

If you enjoy the benefits of yoga, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda, which is the “next step” on your journey to a healthier, more peaceful and prosperous life!

Ayurvedic Educator: Janet Perez

Where: Hot Box Yoga, Hayward

When: Sunday, August 10

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Cost: $35 

Intro to Mindfulness Meditation Class

Phil selfiIntro to Mindfulness Meditation Class 

Teacher: Phil Engelhardt
When: Wednesday 8:15am and 10:30am, Saturday 10:30am
Donation based:  ($5-$10 suggested)
As in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
If you have been doing Asana yoga, your getting more flexible, stronger, relaxed, finding more space in your body.  You may be aware that the yoga practice originated in India as a part of a spiritual discipline. You may not know that the original practice has more to due with the mind than the body.  Yet Asana practice has an effect, there is a mind body connection, the mind is calmer more balanced.  Our lives are richer for it.We all seek self fulfillment, in this consumer oriented society we do this by getting, or doing.  Always something to get or do, a bucket list, a slight reprieve as we scratch something off the list.  Then with fulfillment should come gratification, contentment.  But it doesn’t last, something else to do or acquire.  The inner void remains.  Whats the meaning of life?  Is there a deeper purpose?  My teacher would say “ Look at the tombstone. A name, birth date, dash, death date. The whole life experience represented by the dash.” In the end is that what it amounts to, a dash on the tombstone?  Read more »
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